Promotion and analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) - a very important step in the comprehensive promotion of the web site, if you want to get organic traffic from the search results and not spend continuously on contextual advertising (Adwords).
The team of our Agency uses exclusively "white» SEO techniques, taking into account recommendations for search engine optimization on Google and Yandex. So you can be sure that your site does not fall under the filters (Google Panda etc.) and other sanctions of search engines. Fast site promotion - does not mean that it will be high quality, but rather the opposite - a conclusion the site in the top in no time can easily harm him. To the site came on the first page of the SERPs results Yandex and the Google, and then took the top-10 and top-3, must pass at least a few months. During this period, to start selling products or services on your site, you should be ready to order contextual and targeted advertising.

Promotion in social networks (SMM)

Social media since their introduction have become very popular. In social networks daily lives the target audience of any business, from which you can get a lot of potential customers. To attract the attention of the audience to a product or brand and get traffic from social networks to their Internet projects, there is a need to carry out a specific set of activities, which was named marketing in social networks (Social Media Marketing) - promotion of social networks. The focus of the SMM is done primarily on the creation of viral content - so interesting that people have a desire to put the mark "like" and share it with your friends and subscribers.
Understanding the specifics of social networks will help the successful promotion of companies, brands, their groups, communities and public pages in social networks for the success of “targeted advertising” campaigns, which will contribute to a significant increase in sales of products and services.

Website Audit

Search engine optimization is required, but it will not give results if the site contains any errors. If such a situation arose, then your site is required audit - a detailed analysis and identification of possible errors that prevent the site up to the top of search results.
The specialists of our web studio will conduct a thorough audit of the technical part of the site, analyze “behavioral factors” and see how useful website for users to hold text check for search engine optimization, analyze competitors' sites in the SERPs.

Contextual advertising (Google Adwords)

Contextual advertising - one of the main process to increase sales and services on the web site. Recently, the SERP content row occupy almost half of the page - in some niches, they can take up to five top positions and only then is the organic issue. In this case, it will be difficult to get free referrals to your site.
In addition to search results, text and display ads can show on sites participating in the Google Display Network (GDN) and video hosting Youtube.
The specialists of our web studio will plan, configure and conduct successful ad campaigns in Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

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