Website development

Landing Page (LP)

Web page created with a specific purpose - to give users only the information requested. The absence of superfluous information and the presence of a “call to action” on the Landing Page dramatically increase the chances of a visitor to sell a product or service. Most often, users get to a landing page with contextual, banner, teaser advertising. With proper optimization Landing page can bring the user to the landing page of the organic search results.

Corporate Website

A full-featured, multi-company and multi-site detailing its genus and type of activity, offered goods and services. When you create a corporate site is maintained corporate identity and color scheme, which increases brand awareness, forming positive and successful image of the company.

Online Catalogue / Shop

Internet catalog of online store differs slightly - the lack of a functional and value of creation. Create an online catalog with the same amount of goods in online store cheaper than create an online store. If you believe that the product card will be sufficient to indicate the description and price, it is advisable to order a online-catalog.

Responsive Website

Modern algorithms of search engines dictate the rules of the game - the owners of sites, so as not to lose the position in the search results, have to change the design of their web projects to responsive. We are ready to change the design of your site to the responsiveive, preserving its structure and functionality. Or create a new, fully responsive website.

Business Card Website

Usually it is a single page (less often - multi page) website containing basic information about the products or services of the company. If the list of products or services is large enough, the business card website is often loaded price list in a tabular format. BUsiness Card website is a full and informative site - ideal for companies that are just starting business or do not plan a budget for online segment.

Internet Portal

Internet resource, that represents interesting information from different thematic sources in one place. In addition, for the constant increase in new audiences, online portals offer for users useful and free services, which may include e-mail, electronic data storage, and other news feed.

Individual Website

Business and successful people do not always have free time. Sometimes they have a need to create a site for a particular purpose. Our web-studio in the desired time frame will launch a website with responsive design and a mobile version, easy to navigate, taking into account the recommendations of the search engine optimization of popular search engines Google and Yandex. Also, our team can take over his further support and promotion.

Mobile Website

If your web site, catalog or online store is inconvenient displayed on different types of mobile devices, you can create a mobile version of it. If your site have no adaptive or the mobile version, it is guaranteed to lose the position in the search results. Our web-studio will create an adaptive / mobile version for an existing site, and for an entirely new web site.

Leave a request for project discussion

Leave a request for project discussion